Sponsorship Opportunities

Reach our growing community of independent creative agencies, freelancers, client-side marketers, media representatives, vendors and other creative resource providers by sponsoring one of our signature monthly events.



Sponsor one of Endeavor’s Monthly Networking/Presentation events

This is a 5pm event held once each month. A presentation by a high-profile speaker or speakers is bookended by networking time for all Endeavor members, invited guests and membership prospects. Attendance approx. 75-100. Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo and URL on invitation as Event Host
  • Signage at event, and opportunity to display business cards/collateral
  • Opportunity to give welcome/toast at event
  • Up to 8 attendees at event
  • Recognition as an Endeavor Partner on www.endeavorgreenville.com



$1,000 or in-kind

Sponsor one of Endeavor’s Monthly Food-Focused Membership events

This is a spontaneous (fun!) daytime event for Endeavor members, with week-of invitations going out to the membership – including Corporate Members – to let them know timing and more about this month’s treat. Sponsor benefits include:

  • Opportunity to collaborate on food selection (or provide food as part of sponsorship)
  • Logo, URL on invitations & reminders to members
  • Opportunity to display collateral prior to, during & following event
  • Up to 5 attendees at event
  • Recognition as an Endeavor Partner on www.endeavorgreenville.com




One-Month Sponsorship of Endeavor’s “Bottomless Coffee” for Members

Coffee definitely helps keep this place moving, and our coffee station stays busy throughout the day thanks not just to our members, but to the clients, vendors, business partners and other guests visiting them, as well as business and community leaders who come here for meetings and tours. Sponsor benefits include:

  • Sign at Coffee Station with logo, URL, contact information
  • Opportunity to leave business cards/collateral at Flight Deck
  • Up to 3 attendees at that month’s “Collaborators & Cocktails” event
  • Recognition as an Endeavor Partner on www.endeavorgreenville.com


What Our Members Are Saying:

“A professional environment for me to feel grounded within a thriving, local community – while fulfilling my professional role within a global organization.” – Endeavor Daytime Member

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