Global Expansion, Inc.

Global Expansion, Inc. is a unique company that provides Global Executive Career - Job Search Coaching (Resume and Cover Letters, Job Board Registrations, Customized Alerts and LinkedIn Profile updates and optimization, Coaching, Interview Preparation, Career Strategy Development), Outplacement and Career Transition Services in over 100 countries. Global Expansion, Inc. can help you Go Global With Confidence ®

Specializing In

Account Development

Strategic Consulting

Business Growth Strategies

Business Development Consulting

Marketing Research

Multicultural Marketing


Kenneth Zwerdling
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What Our Members Are Saying:

“I can’t give enough accolades for the wonderful attention to detail and efforts to make us feel so comfortable as we work here every day. The quality of the facilities is top of the line and is a welcome gathering place when we bring clients in for many, many meetings. I can’t imagine any better space for sharing a professional environment and added integration with other quality companies and individuals.” – Endeavor Office Member

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