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About Us DXM is an award-winning insights company that leverages unique consumer knowledge to inform business strategy and provide a quantifiable ROI on marketing spend. Through preferred partnerships, DXM clients get affordable access to platforms offering the most data available on individual customers and their digital behavior. Our proprietary methodologies are designed to impact the entire marketing spectrum, including segmentation, market potential, engagement, acquisition and retention.

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Direct Marketing

Marketing & Advertising

Business Growth Strategies

Marketing Research

Business Intelligence


Ray Owens
Founder, CEO
rowens@dxmgp.com Linkedin

Lisa Owens
Vice President, Business Development
lowens@dxmgp.com Linkedin

Roger Beasley
rbeasley@dxmgp.com Linkedin

What Our Members Are Saying:

“I can’t give enough accolades for the wonderful attention to detail and efforts to make us feel so comfortable as we work here every day. The quality of the facilities is top of the line and is a welcome gathering place when we bring clients in for many, many meetings. I can’t imagine any better space for sharing a professional environment and added integration with other quality companies and individuals.” – Endeavor Office Member

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